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The Cocker Spaniel Adoption Center rescues Cocker Spaniels regardless of their age or medical condition. Senior dogs and/or dogs with special needs prove to us every day that they still have so much love to give. All they need is a loving human and the chance to prove it. We have experienced the joy of wiggling butts and tentative kisses from dogs so sick they could barely hold up their heads. Providing the needed medical care, grooming and kenneling (when there just aren’t enough foster families) cost the rescue many thousands of dollars each year. Won't you help us continue to save the lives of older, sick and "throwaway" Cocker Spaniels by donating to a Wigglebutt in Need? The dogs may not be able to thank you personally, but every time you look at their picture, when you read their happy endings - you will know you had a direct paw in saving their lives. Please click the Sponsor a Wigglebutt link to the left.
Princess B came to our vet not having her legs groomed for a long time. You can see the length of her fur in her picture. They groomed her legs to see that her nails had not been trimmed and were curling into her pads. She had ear and skin infections. She underwent double cherry eye surgery which will result in a lifetime of eyedrops. While the vets were performing the cherry eye surgery, they discovered that Princess B had impassable bladder stones so they had to operate to remove her bladder stones. She recently had surgery to remove a lump which was benign! She celebrated too much about the biopsy. She had a torn ACL. The good news, her leg was fixed and she is doing great, but Princess needs an ear ablation on her left ear. What is a Princess to do?
Our Princess found her fairy godmother who provided her a loving home.

Medical Costs:  $4,563.50

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Princess B
Princess B
In addition to the untreated mass on Macy's front shoulder and infected ears, Macy has severe skin issues. She is receiving medical baths every other day. She is also being screened for potential causes for the skin condition. She needs to have the mass removed and spay but her skin needs to heal first. She is begining her journey to a medical recovery. Macy was adopted by a wonderful adopter who has given her the care she needed.

Medical Costs:  $1,650.78

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Lambchop was not taken care of at all. She was severely matted which has led to skin and ear infections. She had in-grown nails that have left her paw pads callused. Her eyes are irreversibly damaged and the Docs feel it is best to remove both of her eyes so she is more comfortable. Lambchop is going to need a lot of vet care before she can go to her foster home. Lambchop is in a foster home and thriving. She has lost a few pounds, and she is adapts well to her environment. Everyone who meets her comments on how well she is getting along without her sight. She is waiting for her new home. Lambchop was adopted by her foster parent who just adores her.

Medical Costs:  $1,586.01

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Rufus was in bad shape. He came from a shelter and was obviously neglected. He was malnourished and underweight. His fur was falling out from lack of nutrition and fleas. He was heart worm positive and lyme positive. He had dry eye and cherry eyes. He had a bad wound on his leg that was not cared for, and he had a lump on his neck. Our vet told us he was worse off medically than Toronto was when he was brought in. Unfortunately, Rufus lost his fight. His body could not rally to heal from of his medical conditions. The malnutrition, Lymes disease, and heart worm were left untreated for too long.  Rest in peace dear Rufus.
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Moe is a terrified little girl and has many medical needs. They knew that she needed sedated to be groomed because she was so matted. Her nails were curled into her pads causing her to limp. When she was being spay, it was discovered that she had bladder stones that needed surgically removed in addition to the umbilical hernia that needed repaired. After a few days of healing, her limp was not going away. After an xray of her left side, it was discovered that she has a blown ACL and a mishealed front leg causing a slight deformity.  She now is scheduled for an ACL repair and a further assessement of her front leg. Little Moe was adopted and is living her best life.