Ask Me About My Foster Dog

Adopting a dog means saving a life. A living, sentient being, with real feelings, has been discarded like used tissue. Adopters bring these precious souls home, and give them kind, loving, forever havens, sometimes for the first time in their lives. We are deeply grateful for every CSAC adopter, and adoptive homes are the constant objective for our needy charges.

To enable these wonderful adopters to find their forever friends, we need foster families to help along the way. Fostering saves COUNTLESS lives. Fostering enables CSAC to save many dogs from the streets and the shelters, from puppy mills and troubled former homes. We work VERY HARD not to kennel CSAC dogs. They need real homes where they can recover and grow in peace and confidence, where they can socialize and return to the world healed and ready for their "Happy Ever After." Foster homes are essentially halfway houses for dogs, step down units, often following intensive care of one kind or another, following physical or emotional trauma - sometimes both. A homeless animal is a suffering animal, regardless of the circumstances that lead him/her there. Fostering also makes room in shelters, so the next dog that comes along finds a reprieve and another day to wag his tail to try to get adopted.

Fostering brings joy and tears, but it is one of the most fulfilling things anyone can do to truly help the dogs. It is also one of the most critical services a volunteer can provide. Become a champion for those who cannot fight for themselves. Become a true life saver! Please apply to join our amazing group of fosters by clicking on the link to the left.