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Buffy in MD   Status: Adopted (not adoptable)
ID: 812   Animal's location: Cocker Spaniel Adoption Center, Inc.
Breed: Cocker Spaniel (purebred)
Age: 5 years        Gender:  Female
Size: Small   Color: Buff
Altered: Yes  
Weight: 20   Tail: Docked
Eyes: Brown   Coat: Soft
Ears: Long   Other: Big dogs may be an issue for her. Also, no small children.




I visited Buffy today at Lucky Stars Kennel........what a sweetie! She’s a small cocker, pretty and petite. She is very energetic, but calmed down as we walked and got to know each other. I spent about an hour with her. She was never aggressive or snapped. I brushed her, approached her from all sides, touched her hindquarters, ears, rolled her aggression what so ever. She was a little submissive when I stood over her and leaned down, but never aggressive. I believe she was returned because she snapped at someone, but I never saw that behavior. She took treats from my hand very gently. She responded to sit when treats were involved and walked on the leash pretty well. She pulls, but probably just excited about getting out. Her teeth look pretty good. When I brushed her she shed a lot, and her coat could stand to "brighten up" a bit..........but overall, I found her to be a very sweet dog and she looked pretty healthy. Buffy sure did like sitting in my lap! She gave me lots of kisses too. I know she would be happier in a home setting so hopefully someone will fall in love with her photos.

Everyone, meet Buffy, a 2 year old buff colored Cocker Spaniel girl. Buffy came to CSAC from Greenville, SC, by way of Heart to Heart rescue. She was found wandering the back roads and picked-up by animal control, but she is now safely in the arms of CSAC. Now we need to find this little gal a new family where she will be safe, cared for, and loved forever!

Buffy is a petite young lady, who was anxious to meet everyone at the kennel. We had to wait for a customer ahead of us, so I petted her and she licked my hand. When I stopped petting her, she batted me with her paw to let me know she wasn’t finish yet. Buffy explored the waiting room, then eagerly ran back for more attention. Buffy does not seem to do well with children. Therefore, Buffy should be placed in a home where there are no small children residing, and where children are not frequent visitors. She also is fine with some dogs, but it seems she does not care at all for dogs bigger than herself. If the adopter has other dogs, she definately needs to meet them first.

If you have room in your home and heart for a little gal like Buffy, please complete an Adoption Application right away so you can be together as soon as possible. Thanks!

For more information about this dog, email our Adoption Coordinator.

Our adoption process starts with an application. If you are interested in adopting this dog, please fill out this application.

The medical and custodial care of the many Cockers in our care is tremendous. More and more dogs are abandoned with urgent and serious medical issues. We are committed to providing the best possible care for these forgotten friends. Unfortunately, the mounting high costs are beginning to limit the number of dogs we are able to take into our program. Even if you cannot adopt or foster one of our current adoptable dogs, please consider making a donation. The Cocker Spaniel Adoption Center is a 501(c)(3) non-profit charitable organization and your donations are entirely tax deductible.

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Additional information:  *Needs home with no small children   *Current on shots  







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